Tour of Arezzo with fresco painting workshop

Tour of Arezzo with fresco painting workshop

Arezzo is definetly one of the best places to learn fresco painting in the world!
This charming Tuscan town is infact the place where the Renaissance master Piero della Francesca painted “The Legend of the True Cross”, a stunning Renaissance cycle of frescoes, the only one survived by the genial artist, a true masterpiece which attracts many tourists from all over the world being considered Piero’s masterwork.
This is a special tour, very innovative, in which you can make your own art experience!
It’s a day tour (6 hours) divided into 2 different sessions: in  the morning you will be guided by the art historian, art books author and guide Dr. Susanna Buricchi in a walking tour of Arezzo and then you will be transferred privately to the fresco painting master's workshop. You will have lunch in a Tuscan restaurtant followed up by a workshop of fresco painting.
Programm :.
Meeting with the historical guide of the expert art of Renaissance painting for the guided tour of the medieval and Renaissance historical center of Arezzo on the theme "History of fresco painting" followed by an introduction to fresco techniques in the history of illustrated art directly in front of the frescoes of the '300 and' 400 in the churches of Arezzo and in front of "Santa Maria Maddalena" painted by Piero della Francesca in the Duomo. This consent will be to have an overview of the technical process of making a fresco.
11.30 transfer to the master restorer's  atelier
12.30 lunch in restaurant
Explanation of how the mortar is made for different layers of plaster: rough coat, curl and tonachino. Participants will prepare only the tonachino, that is the last layer on which to paint by applying it to a mobile support. They will then decide whether to use a drawing provided by the teacher or if they want to prepare their drawing to be transferred to the plaster and paint in fresco for the rest of the session.
Imagine a rate your fresco on a light support, that is, at the end of the lesson, you will take it home with you as a souvenir of this magnificent experience.
The materials will be prepared by the teacher but you will have fun spreading the paint on your fresco support.
Participants will bring their creations home we learned a noble and very ancient painting technique in a single day.
The materials for the realization of the fresco will be provided by us.
Cost per person: starting from € 125.00 including guided tour, transfer to and from Arezzo, lunch, fresco lesson, support, tools and materials for the realization and welcome. Beautiful fresco to take home
Availability: the tour can be participated by reservation every day from Monday to Saturday for a minimum of 6 people.