Tour Artisans Workshops & Restorers

In Tuscany there is still a very strong tradition of artistic craft shops
The tours in the workshops of famous artisans in Florence, Arezzo, Cortona, Siena, Monte San Savino, Anghiari, il Borro intend to offer the visitor alternative routes to the classic itineraries to get to know not only the monuments of the past but also the protagonists of making, entering the alive of the creative process, observing techniques, learning to recognize materials and styles and witnessing live rehearsals of extraordinary art crafts handed down for centuries.
Each place has a specific craft vocation that comes from the past: the Oltrarno of Florence is famous for the workshops of restorers, cabinet makers, masters of scagliola, semiprecious stone mosaics, silversmiths, bronze workers and engravers; Arezzo for antiques dealers, the Antiques Fair, goldsmiths and restorers; Cortona and Monte San Savino for the ceramic workshops and Anghiari for the magnificent textiles hand.woven with ancient looms.