WEEKLY PACKAGE 8 nights/7 days
A full week to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Renaissance art and of Piero della Francesca’s paintings getting closer to the wine culture and expertise in the art of making wine in Tuscany.
Breathing the Tuscan air doesn’t necessarily mean only a visit to its famous art cities and to its wonderful landscape but also to take a chance to learn all about its millenary tradition and wine culture.
We have designed this package as a travel experience for those who are passionate of Italian art and Italian wine and who want to learn more about another Tuscany off the beaten paths. Everyday you will discover a wonderful combination between secret art treasures in Tuscany and little wineries family run reputed for the excellence of their wines  meeting  the winemakers who will be happy to share their passion for wine and knowledge with you.
This package includes:
  1. ‚ÄčAREZZO with  The Legend of the True Cross Renaissance frescoes painted by Piero della Francesca
  2. CORTONA the charming hill town with Fra Angelico Annunciation painting 
  3. MONTERCHI AND SANSEPOLCRO to see The Pregnant Virgin and the Resurrection by Piero della  Francesca 
  4. CASENTINO with the FRANCISCAN MONASTERY LA VERNA and Andrea della Robbia terracottas
  5. VALDARNO along the VIA DEI SETTEPONTI to see the medieval bridge painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the Monnalisa and the medieval village IL BORRO and the the Ferragamo wine estate
This package doesn’t include:
Tickets to museums and galleries; lunches and dinners apart from when it is specified